• Triple threat - 3 consecutive tournaments and technical improvements

    31 minutes agoKjetil Hårtveit - Founder

    Fellow snooker fans, we are in for a treat! On Monday (25th September) starting with the British Open we have 3 consecutive weeks of snooker! After the British Open we got the English Open and then, to round up the triple threat, we go overseas to China with the Wuhan Open. There's a lot of points up for grabs so don't forget to set up your team! ⭐...

  • Live rankings and first tournament of the season in the books!

    26 days agoKjetil Hårtveit - Founder

    It's two days since the BetVictor European Masters 2023 ended with Barry Hawkins taking home the trophy. He beat Judd Trump 9-6 in the final with a steady and relentless performance, I lost count of how many frames he won he had no business of winning!

    The tournament started off the Fantasy Snooker season 2023/2024 with a blast, and we also managed to sneak in a new feature in the closing minutes of the tournament: live rankings🥳 (you might not see it now, wait until a tournament starts)!...

  • Tournament page and live points

    about 1 month agoKjetil Hårtveit - Founder

    We have just launched two features: tournament pages (accessible via calendar) and live points during tournaments 🥳.

    This is part of an effort to make the points system more transparent and make the game more entertaining while tournaments are on-going. In time we would like to take this one step further and compare live points between users...

  • 2023/2024 season of Fantasy Snooker is starting soon

    about 1 month agoKjetil Hårtveit - Founder

    The summer break has been nice but it's time to get predicting. The 2023/2024 season of Fantasy Snooker is just around the corner, kicking off with the BetVictor European Masters on the 22nd of August (featuring top guns like Ronnie O'Sullivan, Judd Trump, Mark Selby, first seed and defending champion Kyren Wilson, Mark Allen, Neil Robertson, Shaun Murphy, and current World Champion Luca Brecel)...

  • Players points and values feature

    4 months agoKjetil Hårtveit - Founder

    Today we are announcing our newest feature: player points and values 🎉. This feature gives further insight and transparency into the backbone of Fantasy Snooker and illustrates how the points and player value system is intertwined.

    Note that this feature/tool is not just for the audience, but it also helps us in identifying anomalies by presenting our data in a more presentable and human-readable manner. It assisted us in solving a bug, originally reported by @lesPuzz, where certain tour players (in the 2022/2023 season this affected Stephen Hendry and Bai Langning) were not purchasable. Please note however, we will need to re-generate values for these players and at time of writing this is not yet done...

  • First season of Fantasy Snooker is history

    5 months agoKjetil Hårtveit - Founder

    Brecel beat Mark Selby in a thrilling final to round up the first season of Fantasy Snooker! I hope you enjoyed the World Championship, I certainly did.

    Fun fact, only two of you had Luca Brecel in their team: Hermund and his Nostradamus 12 and The Screwdriver and his The Tool Box 👏...

  • Team history

    5 months agoKjetil Hårtveit - Founder

    Along with our other preparations for the end of season we're introducing the feature Team history (which can be viewed on the team page). This feature enables you to look at/re-live your previous seasons by viewing a snapshot of the last lineup. You'll also have access to the points and player history just like you'd normally would in an active team...

  • Preparations for the end of season and editable team names

    5 months agoKjetil Hårtveit - Founder

    We are preparing for the end of the first (very short) season of Fantasy Snooker and with that we are rolling out new features, some which will be more apparent after the World Championship ends. We intentionally won't include full screenshots of the Hall of fame feature in this blog post so that you can see it fresh when the season ends and data is shown there (the winner of the first Fantasy Snooker season will be revealed!)...

  • Player status in the on-going tournament

    5 months agoKjetil Hårtveit - Founder

    We want to make the game more interactive when a tournament is being played, so today we're rolling out player statuses in on-going tournaments! 🎉🎉

    Click or hover over the small icons near a player in your team to see more detailed information about how they're doing in the current tournament....

  • Thank you for playing in Early Access

    5 months agoKjetil Hårtveit - Founder

    I’d like to personally thank everyone who’s trying the game in this early stage. It’s lovely to see interest in something I built with passion ❤️. Note that this is just the beginning and we have many cool ideas for the future.

    I hope you stick around for next season (2023/2024) which will be the first proper season. To prevail in an entire season is a whole different ball-game which requires consistency, strategy and grit. I hope you are ready for it 💪. Or if you just want to enjoy the ride, then you are most welcome to do so. Play like how you want to play...

  • Insight page, suggestions and increase in team budget to £120M

    5 months agoKjetil Hårtveit - Founder

    Insight feature

    Decided to hack out a new feature Insight 🥳 in the late hours! It gives some cool insight in what players are popular and which players are in-form. Go ahead, check it out!...

  • Reminder to create a team before the World Championship

    6 months agoKjetil Hårtveit - Founder

    The Judgement Day(s) are underway and the final 16 for the Crucible will soon be decided. Do you think any of the 16 qualifiers can pick up the crown come May the 1st? Will the winner be one of the favorites or could it be a player nobody would've guessed - except perhaps you? Are you a shrewdie waiting for the full draw to see...

  • Quality of life improvements before the Worlds!

    6 months agoKjetil Hårtveit - Founder

    The Easter is coming to an end and the World Championship qualifiers are also coming to an end, meaning we're closing in on the World Championship!

    We are releasing a quality of life update before the World Championship so that the experience of creating your own team is hopefully even better now....

  • Rankings page and catch-up of recent features

    6 months agoKjetil Hårtveit - Founder

    We are pleased to announce our newest feature, the rankings page! 🎉⭐

    You can now compare your point-gathering skills against other players. Keep track of your competition whether you are leading the way or trying to catch up. Or if you are just enjoying the ride, then that's completely fine too!...

  • Preparation for The Worlds in season 2022

    6 months agoKjetil Hårtveit - Founder

    The last tournament of the 2022 season is coming up, The World Championship!

    Last tournament we opened up for transfers during the tournament because the launch was announced so close to the Tour Championship. This will not be possible for The Worlds, so get your transfers in before the transfer window closes (should be right before the tournament starts)!...

  • Mobile support

    6 months agoKjetil Hårtveit - Founder

    Mobile support has been added. The design may not be fully on-point yet but the game be a lot more functional on mobile devices than before.

    Give it a try and don't hesitate to drop us a feedback on whether you like it or not.

  • Extended trading window

    6 months agoKjetil Hårtveit - Founder

    We have extended the trading window during the Tour Championship because we launched (in Early Access) so close to tournament start.

    As this is an experimental and early phase, we consider keeping it open through-out the tournament so everyone can try the game and create a team.

  • Upcoming features

    6 months agoKjetil Hårtveit - Founder

    We have many ideas and features in store, among them are:

    • Ranking list (compare yourself against other players - this will be prioritized)
    • Calendar of upcoming events...
  • Fantasy Snooker is launched in Early Access!

    6 months agoKjetil Hårtveit - Founder

    Fantasy Snooker is now available in Early Access. This means you can enjoy the game like you normally would, but we're emphasising that it's in early development and it's more subject to minor/major changes. Before the full release (or next stage) we might delete data in order to keep the development speed high in this early phase. We will, of course, try to keep the friction to a minimum and try to give you the best experience as possible. We appreciate all feedback (positive and negative) and reporting of bugs/problems so we can keep improving the game...