Rankings page and catch-up of recent features

about 1 year agoKjetil Hårtveit - Founder

We are pleased to announce our newest feature, the rankings page! 🎉⭐

You can now compare your point-gathering skills against other players. Keep track of your competition whether you are leading the way or trying to catch up. Or if you are just enjoying the ride, then that's completely fine too!

Rankings page screenshot

Along with the calendar feature, this is a very important feature which adds more insight into the system and its users, more specifically it gives your points a context/reference point and you can see who else are playing. There's definitely many cool ideas on how we can expand on this, perhaps we can make it possible to view the lineup of other teams? Let us know if you have any ideas or feedback.


Shows all of the scorable events in the season.

Calendar screenshot


They are shown when you put your mouse over small "information" icons (i) on desktop, or when you click them on mobile.

Tooltip screenshot

Player stats

Can be viewed by clicking the bar chart icon in the box of a player in your team.

Player stats modal screenshot

Responsive tables

Tables adjust automatically for smaller devices.

Responsive table screenshot

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