World Championship 2023/2024 - deciding first proper season

2 months agoKjetil Hårtveit - Founder

In just 5 days the World Championship 🏆 (20th April) of the 2023/2024 season starts! Come 6th/7th of May the winner of the first proper season of Fantasy Snooker will be decided! His or hers name (and the others in the top 3) will be cemented in the Hall of Fame.

Don't forget to build your lineup ⭐ in time, preferably after the qualifiers has finished playing (there are some qualifiers nobody would want to draw!).

It's going to be a thrilling finale after a hard-fought season. The leader Up The Ives (Mitch) has managed to maintain his lead since at least the World Open last month, and not only that, he has created further daylight between him and the pack! Will he sail to victory or will there be a twist? Whatever you're playing for, we are sure the Crucible will deliver in excitement and sporting drama of the highest order!

Here is the current top 10:

Top 10 before the World Championship 2023/2024
Top 10 before the World Championship 2023/2024.

Reasons for lack of updates

You may have noticed there have been few updates the last couple of months. This is mainly due to personal issues as well as a core service removing their free plan, forcing us to change focus from feature development to moving to a new service. As this is a free game and no money is yet generated, we rely on free services until we eventually find a way to monetize (or pay the billz you could say).

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Updates since last post:

Here are the last updates since the last post from 15th of February 2024:

  • skeleton loaders instead of spinners
  • improvements for player values displayed in player boxes
  • fix toasty issue
  • toasties are shown in modals (moved to layer above modals)
  • fix bug where reverting sold players failed, even when having enough money, due to checking wrong player value

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