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about 1 year agoKjetil Hårtveit - Founder

Today we are announcing our newest feature: player points and values 🎉. This feature gives further insight and transparency into the backbone of Fantasy Snooker and illustrates how the points and player value system is intertwined.

Note that this feature/tool is not just for the audience, but it also helps us in identifying anomalies by presenting our data in a more presentable and human-readable manner. It assisted us in solving a bug, originally reported by @lesPuzz, where certain tour players (in the 2022/2023 season this affected Stephen Hendry and Bai Langning) were not purchasable. Please note however, we will need to re-generate values for these players and at time of writing this is not yet done.

Player points feature
Player points for the 2022/2023 season.

Biggest value movers 📈

Since the launch of Fantasy Snooker we see quite a few players making serious moves in the value table. As you would expect the players who went deep in the World Championship received a hefty point boost and are rising in value.

The winner Luca Brecel jumped up to £27.21M which currently makes 9th on the value list (the official rankings which uses the money list put him in 2nd!). The runner-up Mark Selby is also climbing steadily, he's now 3rd on the list valued at £33.43M. Semi-finalist Mark Allen has had a phenomenal season and even though he had amassed a great deal of points before the World Championship, his semifinal run boosted him to £35.22M which put him 2nd on the value list at the end of the season. Obviously Si Jiahui is also reaping the rewards from his amazing semifinal run and is currently valued at £7.20M. However, it seems he has not been awarded points from his 2021/2022 season (again, we're discovering bugs with this new feature 🐞) so in reality he should be valued a bit higher.

More notable mentions are Shaun Murphy (7th with £29.51M) who powered up the value list with brilliant performances in the Welsh Open, Players Championship and Tour Championship (winning the latter two). Robert Milkins with strong recent performances in the German Masters and winning the Welsh Open has seen him make great strides, valuing him up to £16.46M from £11.85M just before the German Masters.

Judd Trump is still the value leader however poor recent results has seen his value drop from £45.94M pre-German Masters to £39.32M at the end of season. Another notable top player who has seen a drop is Neil Robertson who has dropped from £37.21M to £31.20M which put him 6th on the value list.

Note that the data for the 2022/2023 season in Fantasy Snooker began with the German Masters 1st of February 2023.

Player values feature
Player values for the 2022/2023 season.

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