Fantasy Snooker is launched in Early Access!

6 months agoKjetil HĂ„rtveit - Founder

Fantasy Snooker is now available in Early Access. This means you can enjoy the game like you normally would, but we're emphasising that it's in early development and it's more subject to minor/major changes. Before the full release (or next stage) we might delete data in order to keep the development speed high in this early phase. We will, of course, try to keep the friction to a minimum and try to give you the best experience as possible. We appreciate all feedback (positive and negative) and reporting of bugs/problems so we can keep improving the game.

We hope to test as much as possible before the end of the 2022 snooker season so that we can prepare for the 2023 season.

We have many ideas in store and will keep you up to date with the development of the game.

Good luck and have fun!