End-of-year summary and rankings for 2023

5 months agoKjetil Hårtveit - Founder

Hi everyone, about time for a new update! 👋

In just a few days Christmas will be celebrated by many of our players 🎄🎅. Our team sincerely hope all of our players have a joyous Christmas and end-of-year celebrations with relatives and friends. New year, new opportunities and new points to be collected as the saying goes!

If TLDR; we hope to see you in early 2024 in time for the Masters starting the 7th of January!

2023 Summary

We've seen 45 scoring teams so far this season. It's really motivating and warming that many people play and show interest in the game ❤️. We have many ideas to make the game more appealing and fun to play, more about that later in the post.

2023 has featured 12 out of 20 tournaments in the 2023/2024 season, however fear not if you are currently low in the rankings, massive tournaments are still to be played (including two remaining triple crown events): the Masters (A-tier) and the World Championship (S-tier). Make sure to build your team with care, and with a tad of luck, the tables can turn very quickly indeed!

Plenty of big tournaments have been played including one triple crown event: the UK Championship (A-tier). We've seen massive over-seas tournaments including the Shanghai Master and International Championship (both B-tiers). We saw Mark Allen win the unique Shoot-out and the Champion of Champions, so he's on his way to saving his underwhelming start to the season.

The last tournament of the year (eligible for Fantasy Snooker) was the Scottish Open (11-17 Dec) where Gary Wilson defended his title in dramatic fashion, narrowly surviving in the semifinals.

End-of-year rankings

The Fantasy Snooker rankings has seen quite a few changes since our last post following the Wuhan Open, all the way back in October. Our very own kjetilh_sports (leading Team Avengers) is leading the way! Our previous leader, MWSnookergreats (led by orkneymark), is not letting go easily though and is following closely in 2nd place. Up The Ives (led by Mitch) has made an impressive climb from outside of the top 10 to now sit in 3rd place (definitely one to watch out for!). Otherwise we see familiar teams like Snooker365 (Glen), dnlfantasy (dnlfantasy) and The Balls (adikk). The race is definitely on.

See the end-of-year top 10 rankings below. You can also see the full live rankings.

Top 10 end-of-year rankings 2023
The top 10 end-of-year rankings (2023/2024) after the Scottish Open. Our very own Team Avengers (kjetilh_sports) is leading the way!

Current focus

We are currently 100% focusing on improving the infrastructure and performance of the game. Unfortunately this means new features are on hold, but we think it's crucial in order to make the game more enjoyable and sustainable in the long run. We're not going to lie, it's somewhat grueling and frustrating work and definitely less rewarding than a new fancy feature, but hopefully we come out better on the other side.

We hope to have completed the upgrade by the time the Masters starts in 2024.

Plans for 2024

As always we have many ideas but perhaps lack resources to fulfil them all in a speedy manner. Therefore it's even more important for us to prioritize our features. If there are features you really miss or have ideas, please don't hesitate to let us know about them either via socials or feedback.

Here are some features we would really love to implement:

  • public team profiles
  • public user profiles
  • internal leagues
  • badges/achievements
  • rankings per tournament
  • notifications before each tournament
  • 6 players in team?!

Happy holidays

We at Fantasy Snooker wish all of you a Merry Christmas 🎅 and a happy new year 🌟! We hope you stick around and have patience with us. We believe our game is far from having reached its full potential and we would love to have you along for the ride.

As always, we would love it if you interact with us on Twitter/X, Discord, Facebook or other social media. Perhaps you would like to share your ideas or tell us about a feature you really miss. You can also drop us feedback via the support page.

See you in 2024! - Kjetil Hårveit, founder and developer of Fantasy Snooker

Updates since last post

If you're interested, here are the last updates since the last post from October:

  • clarify when transfer windows open and close
  • clarify number of purchases done per round and captain(s) in the rules section
  • fixed bug where could not buy additional players after selling many players
  • store points in a way so that changes to point calculations does not affect historical data
  • tournament tier changes:
  • insight: top scoring players last 3 tournaments are now always divided by the number of tournaments (3) instead of how many tournaments the player actually played in
  • tests for quality assurance of new features

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