Thank you for playing in Early Access

about 1 year agoKjetil Hårtveit - Founder

I’d like to personally thank everyone who’s trying the game in this early stage. It’s lovely to see interest in something I built with passion ❤️. Note that this is just the beginning and we have many cool ideas for the future.

I hope you stick around for next season (2023/2024) which will be the first proper season. To prevail in an entire season is a whole different ball-game which requires consistency, strategy and grit. I hope you are ready for it 💪. Or if you just want to enjoy the ride, then you are most welcome to do so. Play like how you want to play.

Speaking of next season, the reason I ask for feedback so often is so that we can prepare for the upcoming season and make it the best experience possible. So if you have something on your mind, good or bad, don't hesitate to contact us on Support or socials.

Lastly, I hope you enjoy the World Championships and get to see some awesome snooker! 🚀💯

- Kjetil Hårtveit, founder and developer of Fantasy Snooker

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