Triple threat - 3 consecutive tournaments and technical improvements

8 months agoKjetil Hårtveit - Founder

Fellow snooker fans, we are in for a treat! On Monday (25th September) starting with the British Open we have 3 consecutive weeks of snooker! After the British Open we got the English Open and then, to round up the triple threat, we go overseas to China with the Wuhan Open. There's a lot of points up for grabs so don't forget to set up your team! ⭐

3 consecutive tournaments 2023
The three tournaments awaiting us the coming weeks: the British Open, English Open and Wuhan Open.

Note that Ronnie O'Sullivan has withdrawn from the British Open so you may want to replace him. According to the insight page 31% of y'all got Ronnie in your team, so not ideal 😅.

Technical improvements

To technically support consecutive tournaments (specifically making sure the trading window is as big as possible between the end of the last tournament and start of the next tournament) we have put quite some work in and changed fundamentals to support this. We have written tests to quality assure that the code works and that it won't break. However, we can't make guarantees, we have to test and see it for ourself in production to make sure.

In addition to this we have also made several smaller fixes including:

  • player values: correct initial player value when given specific season
  • text improvements
  • team: show correct scheduled time for upcoming tournament
  • show "knocked-out" status in player picker

Lastly, a reminder if you experience any issues or have any feedback please let us know via our support page or socials.

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