Preparation for The Worlds in season 2022

about 1 year agoKjetil Hårtveit - Founder

The last tournament of the 2022 season is coming up, The World Championship!

Last tournament we opened up for transfers during the tournament because the launch was announced so close to the Tour Championship. This will not be possible for The Worlds, so get your transfers in before the transfer window closes (should be right before the tournament starts)!

We will however open up for maximum amount of transfers before the Worlds so that users who are not happy with the team they picked for the Tour Championship can do a complete spring-cleaning of their roster.

Next season we plan to allow for up to two purchases per tournament, so that long-term planning is more important - however this is up for debate (feel free to give your feedback).

We're also working on exciting new features like a calendar (of all the tournaments in the season), a ranking page (compare yourself to other players) and player stats (try clicking that bar chart icon of one of your players!). This will give you more insight in how the game works and see how other players are doing.

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