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Fantasy Snooker is a free game where you build a team of snooker players and score points based on how well they do in actual tournaments.

When you start you have a limited amount of money you can use to buy players. The top players are more likely to score more points, but are more costly. Choose wisely.

Compare yourself to other players and see how you rank. Or you can play for yourself. It's up to you how you want to play.

Example of a team with playersExample of a dream team you can build.
Pick your favorite players. Choose wisely.Pick your favorite players. Choose wisely.
Compete against other players through-out the season.Compete against other players through-out the season.
Do well and your name could be etched into the hall of fame.Do well and your name could be etched into the hall of fame.

Early Access

The game is currently in Early Access. This means that the game is in early development and is more subject to change than one normally would expect. We appreciate feedback, both positive and negative, especially during this early phase.


  • Wuhan Open concludes 3 weeks of non-stop-snooker

    about 1 month agoKjetil Hårtveit - Founder

    ... and breathe! With Wuhan Open in the books we have time to catch our collective breaths before the Northern Ireland Open kicks off on Monday the 22nd of October. We hope to see many new players of Fantasy Snooker participate and build a team in that tournament. Note that a few top players (Mark Selby, John Higgins, Un-Nooh, Ali Carter and Luca Brecel) have not entered the tournament due to the Macau 5 incident...

  • Triple threat - 3 consecutive tournaments and technical improvements

    2 months agoKjetil Hårtveit - Founder

    Fellow snooker fans, we are in for a treat! On Monday (25th September) starting with the British Open we have 3 consecutive weeks of snooker! After the British Open we got the English Open and then, to round up the triple threat, we go overseas to China with the Wuhan Open. There's a lot of points up for grabs so don't forget to set up your team! ⭐...

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