Public teams!!

about 2 months agoKjetil Hårtveit - Founder

It's finally here, public teams are live in production 🎉! You can now look at other user's teams and lineups by clicking on them via the rankings page.

In addition to this we have made several improvements in the infrastructure ⚙️ which should improve performance and a more stable experience. You can read the full change log at the bottom of the article (can't fathom why you would want to do that unless you're a true geek like me!).

We remind you that the next tournament Players Championship (starting on the 19th of February) has a short transfer window. Try to get your trades in after the Welsh Open is finished and before the first match in the Players Championship.

Example of viewing a team
Example of viewing a team belonging to a different user.
Current top 10 during the Welsh Open
Rankings check-in, here's the current top 10 during the Welsh Open.

Updates since last post:

Here are the last updates since the last post from 22nd of December 2023:

  • Public teams!!!
  • fix: avoid throwing errors when player values for previously completed tournament has not yet been generated
  • generate user display names on the server
  • modals: show live points with green text color
  • new error page
  • reduce layout shift for desktop by using bowser to detect screen-size on the server
  • player statuses: always check qualification events for player status due to heldover matches
  • posts: linking tournament names to tournament pages
  • tournament page: prettified and more info
  • show all times on the site in GMT (London time)
  • fixed picture quality for player images after underlying data provider changed host
  • change team name via modal instead of inline field
  • performance: parallelize asynchronous calls
  • updateLastActivityForUser() running without await (non-blocking)
  • navigation: active style for active items
  • hide empty player box on mobile if tournament has started
  • friendlier error messages
  • modal: use more space on mobile
  • improved observability
  • fix broken links
  • seo: sitemap
  • navigation: fixed menu order on mobile
  • fix: use <a> instead of <Link> when links are pointing to non-pages
  • navigation: link directly to current ranking and player pages for improved performance when clicked
  • posts: get posts asynchronously (slight performance improvement during build)
  • player picker: spinner when loading players
  • spinner in buttons during loading for several actions
  • cookie banner uses optimistic update
  • redirect to /team after sign-in
  • sharp for image optimizations
  • all pages uses <Suspense> with server components to improve page load speed
  • fixed hydration errors due to LastPass
  • fix redirect after team creation
  • use server actions for auth, cookie banner, team and user manipulations
  • user session management is handled on the server
  • several components utilizes server-rendering improving performance:
    • modals
    • profile image
    • cookie banner
    • navigation
    • team
  • fully migrate from Pages Router to App Router
  • full refactor of the teams page
    • more server-rendering: improves performance
    • better composition: improves DX and page load speed
    • improved responsiveness
  • stability changes: use more cache() and de-dupe fetch calls

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