Quality of life improvements before the Worlds!

about 1 year agoKjetil Hårtveit - Founder

The Easter is coming to an end and the World Championship qualifiers are also coming to an end, meaning we're closing in on the World Championship!

We are releasing a quality of life update before the World Championship so that the experience of creating your own team is hopefully even better now.

Here's a list of the most prominent changes:

  • Points history modal. We have moved this data from the calendar page so that the calendar is completely independent of user data. That means the calendar is much faster and doesn't require a logged-in user account. The modal can be opened by clicking your "Points this season" on your team page.

Points history modal screenshot

  • Improved grouping of menu items. "Your team" page link has been moved together with the profile and log-out items as these items are only shown when logged-in.

    Menu screenshot

  • Better UX by showing visual indicators when loading new pages or performing specific actions. Keep a look-out in the header while navigating the site!

    Spinner screenshot

  • Generally faster experience by applying caching. We apply caching to several HTTP requests now so generally the experience on the site should be faster. However "first-time" loading may still be slow due to the usage of serverless functions. We are looking into porting these to the Edge which should give a significant speed boost.

  • Revamped header on team page. More metadata is shown and it's more visually appealing.

    Team header screenshot

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